About us

Atlanta Church of God started in the year 1999 with a few founding families in Lawrenceville, GA. The church is a part of the Church of God denomination headquartered in Cleveland, TN. Atlanta Church Of God is an Asian-Indian church, that is committed to reaching people from all race and ethnicity with the gospel and the love of Christ. Almost all of our church members are immigrants predominantly from the state of Kerala, which is the southern state of India. We are a Pentecostal congregation that believes in opening the doors to people from different parts of Atlanta to worship with us. We are motivated by three words: BEGIN - CONNECT – BELONG. Anyone can BEGIN to visit our church, and we will make you feel at home with our love. You can CONNECT with us as you seek to serve God with your time, treasures and talents. Ultimately, you can BELONG – be a part of our community of faith – where you can worship and serve God alongside with us as we strive to fulfill the missionary mandate of Christ in our community. .