Rev. Dr. Pastor C.V. Andrews (Senior Pastor)

Rev. C.V. Andrews was born into an Orthodox Syrian Christian Family in India. He accepted Jesus Christ as his Personal Savior in 1958, baptized in 1960, was baptized by the Holy Spirit in 1968. As he received a special call to SACRED Ministry he enrolled in a Bible College run by Church of God in Tennessee and graduated. Faithfully served God and have ministered for almost 49 years, both in India and in the United States. During this time, have planted 22 churches across various states in North India.

Pastor Anand Balachandran (Youth Pastor)

Pr. Anand Balachandran is our Youth Pastor who manages the youths and leads our English worship. He is an ordained Church of God minister with more than 10 years of experience, working for youth ministries such as, ICPF and other ministries, back in India. His vision is to reach out to the young generation for Jesus Christ and to help them grow and mature in their relationship with the Lord. Anand is married to Beena and they have two children, Joshua and Jordan.