Rev. C.V. Andrews

Senior Pastor

Rev C.V. Andrews was born into an Orthodox Syrian Christian Family in India. He accepted Jesus Christ as his Personal Savior in 1958, baptized in 1960, was baptized by the Holy Spirit in 1968. As he received a special call to SACRED Ministry he enrolled in a Bible College run by Church of God in Tennessee and graduated.
Faithfully served God and have ministered for almost 52 years, both in India and in the United States. During this time, have planted 22 churches across various states in North India and have brought many souls to Christ through prayerful life and Ministry.

Pastor Varghese Antony Thomas (Tony) leads the Kids/Youth Ministry at Atlanta Church of God. He was born in a Roman Catholic family that later became believers.  He was baptized when he was in his 10th grade.  He is a licensed minister of the Church of God (Cleveland, TN). He is passionate about people becoming children of the eternal Father through the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ and then growing in their knowledge of the Word of God and in their Communion with the Holy Spirt. He was the Sunday School Principal from 2017 to 2021. Along with his ministry, Tony is also a full-time research engineer. He wants to enable the youth to grow in their relationship with God. Tony is passionate about the youth prayer partnering with each other, learning through small groups, individual sessions and growing in their leadership giftings. His desire is that the youth stay strong in their faith and operate in their Holy Spirit giftings. Tony’s wife Jasmine is a first-generation believer from a Roman Catholic background.  Tony and his wife Jasmine have two children- Immanuel and Elsa. They have been happily serving the Lord as a family.


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