The youth ministry consists of the following:

1. English Sunday Service: There is an English Sunday Service every week from 10am to 11am. This is a time for growing in the Word of God and worshipping God in Truth and Spirit.
2. Small Groups: The small groups include the Sunday school classes for youth on Sunday, regular youth gatherings on Friday, regular children’s meeting on Saturday.
3. Individual Sessions: Individual sessions with the youth for relationship building, time of prayer and for specific purposes like baptism classes, pre-marital classes
4. English Worship Team: The worship team consists of a blessed and talented group of singers and musicians. The worship team also provides regular instrument and vocal training to the younger children.
5. Outreach: The outreach event Satisfeed is an opportunity for the youth to show the love of Christ to the community around. Food is given to those in need in addition to them having the opportunity of being prayed over.